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This tool was originally created with children for children to help them communicate about their pain.
Now the scale is used around the world with people ages 3 and older, facilitating communication
and improving assessment so pain management can be addressed.

Access the FACES Scale

If you would like access to the Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale, please click
Access the FACES Scale and choose a category that best describes your needs.

Fast Facts About the FACES Scale

  • The FACES Scale is widely used with people ages three and older, not limited to children.
  • This self-assessment tool must be understood by the patient, so they are able to choose the face that best illustrates the physical pain they are experiencing. 
  • It is not a tool to be used by a third person, parents, healthcare professionals, or caregivers, to assess the patient’s pain. There are other tools for those purposes.

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Wong-Baker FACES®

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The pain care podcast show.

We are excited to present our pain care podcast, FACES of Pain Care, where Connie Baker highlights and interviews people and programs creating a real difference in pain care and atraumatic care. In case that term is not familiar to you, atraumatic care minimizes or eliminates physical and psychological distress for patients and families.


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FACES of Pain Care – Episode 13 – Palliative Care with Dr. Frank D. Ferris

18 July 2019

After listening to this podcast, you will leave feeling energized by the prospect of palliative care and the benefits a comprehensive team approach brings to patients, families, communities, and healthcare organizations. Everybody wins. Dr. Frank D. Ferris is the executive director of the Palliative Medicine, Research, and Education for Ohio Health. He is a global expert in palliative…

FACES of Pain Care

FACES of Pain Care – Episode 12 – Coping Strategies when Disaster Strikes with Dr. Laurie Nadel

23 July 2018

Our guest discusses coping strategies to bring hope, healing, and strength even in disaster. Dr. Laurie Nadel is a specialist in acute stress, trauma, and anxiety issues and author of The Five Gifts: Discovering Hope, Healing, and Strength When Disaster Strikes. Her first career, as a journalist, led her to spend twenty years writing and producing hard news, meaning…

FACES of Pain Care

FACES of Pain Care – Episode 11 – Frequency Specific Microcurrent with Dr. Carolyn McMakin

02 October 2017

Learn more about Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) from the developer, Dr. Carolyn McMakin. FSM is an exciting new way of treating nerve, muscle pain, and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current. Dr. Carolyn McMakin developed Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) in 1996 and began teaching it in 1997. She has a part-time…

FACES of Pain Care

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