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About Us

The Wong-Baker FACES Foundation was established in 2009 to protect the integrity of the popular pain self-assessment tool, the Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale. The scale was already being used around the world, but there were an increasing number of modifications that threatened the effectiveness of the scale. The board members agreed that the foundation would promote excellence in pain care and atraumatic care, all of which were important issues to our late friend and colleague, Dr. Donna Wong.

Our foundation exists to provide global access to our scale and to promote optimal pain assessment, pain management, and atraumatic care.

Our foundation now licenses the use of our scale to organizations around the globe. Hundreds of groups have used the scale in research, including a study on the International Space Station. In 2015, people from 185 countries visited our site.

If you are interested in licensing for your organization, please click here for more information.