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Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Relief Log

The Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Relief Log was designed for people who need to keep a journal of medications and general health questions for themselves or someone for whom they are caring. Let’s face it when you are sick or caring for someone who is, it is difficult to remember when medications were last given and if they were effective to relieve pain or nausea. If there are multiple caregivers, the challenge is greater to maintain continuity of care. With the Pain Relief Log, you can keep a running history of the care, which can also be helpful in talking with doctors about what is working or what needs tweaking.

Years ago, our family used this type of log for my grandmother, towards the end of her life, as she was living at home and had several different family members and caregivers staying with her. The log improved communication and care as we passed the responsibilities of one person to the next.

We are making this available to you in a Word document so you can personalize it for your situation. For instance, pain or nausea may not be something you are needing to track, but exercise is. You can change the headings in the log to fit your needs. Also, you can change the instructions to communicate what is important. We are just providing guidelines to support you in this process.

You may want to print multiple copies of the second page and put the pages in a notebook to have readily available.

We are having some glitches on the website, so if you have trouble accessing the log, please email me and I will send it to you. [email protected].

We hope this is helpful!

Take care,

Connie Baker