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Types of Access

Our foundation offers licensing agreements to organizations using the Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale, although licensing is not required for all situations.

Based on the explanations below, please choose the category that best describes your role, your organization, and your use of the scale.

You need to use our scale for yourself or someone in your care.

Healthcare Organization:
You represent an organization interested in exploring licensing for the use of the scale.

Healthcare Provider:
You are a care provider (nurse, doctor, therapist, etc.) and want to use the scale with your patient(s), but you are not responsible for licensing for your organization.

Healthcare Educator:
You educate students going into health professions and would like to use the scale to train your students in pain assessment tools.

Healthcare Student:

You are a student in a healthcare field.

You would like to use the scale in a research study.

You would like to publish the scale in a textbook, journal article, magazine, online course, etc.

You would like to use the scale in graphic design, software development, or other commercial applications.

School Nurse:
You are a nurse or healthcare provider working within a school system.

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