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FACES of Pain Care – Episode 13 – Palliative Care with Dr. Frank D. Ferris

After listening to this podcast, you will leave feeling energized by the prospect of palliative care and the benefits a comprehensive team approach brings to patients, families, communities, and healthcare organizations. Everybody wins.

Dr. Frank D. Ferris is the executive director of the Palliative Medicine, Research, and Education for Ohio Health. He is a global expert in palliative care and provides compelling evidence in support of palliative care. Dr. Ferris is particularly interested in strategies for integrating palliative care into existing healthcare systems worldwide. He has published and spoken widely on multiple palliative care subjects and effective approaches to education and program implementation.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about palliative care and then share your knowledge with your community. People do not need to be dying to receive palliative care. This perspective is a frequent misconception. Hospice is palliative care, but not all palliative care is hospice. Let’s work together to find ways to better support people and families facing healthcare challenges. Learning about palliative care, then implementing a comprehensive team strategy benefits everyone.

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